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this broadcast is real time captioned by carrie o'brien. -- you are 30 minutes away from hitting the red carpet from the 85th annual oscar awards. we're live at a party. >> do you know who am i? todd second today a police officer after getting arrested on dui charges. >> did you feel it? did you hear it? we will show you the last back right off of 83. >> daniel day lewis, zero dark 30. jennifer lawrence. it is a name-dropping. dress looking, envelope opening night at the oscars. in the city we give the "o" better than any. we are going to go live to the
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oscar party. cheryl? >> reporter: yes. that's right. check out how much fun this is. it is probably my first and last time walking on the red carpet. we will strike a pose here. ahead of the 85th annual academy awards. we have raw sushi. we have this amazing cake. behind the people gathered here -- look at this, the oscar on top of the cake. most importantly we have the real deal in the house. we have baltimore winner erin weber who joins us now. look at this, 9 pounds with this. so, you are hosting your first ever oscar party. why did you decide to do that? >> so, okay. over the past two years since the oscars. i have been in africa filming documentaries. this year my scheduled worked
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auto i wasn't. i thought, i will host an oscar party now. and next year another oscar party. we'll see. >> there glitches and glammer in baltimore. >> not everybody gets to walk down the red carpet at the los angeles theater. it doesn't hurt to feel like a movie star for one night, does it? >> not at all, it is my first, perhaps my last time walking on the red carpet. this is your first party, but you might create a sculpture -- scholarship in coming years. >> i got a scallalthat paid for my first camera and a scholarship helps with every student in college. i would like to give back. it is has been years since i graduated it is time to give back.
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>> reporter: awesome, we're going to be partying with you here tonight. now, let's walk the red carpet and strike a pose here. hand over oscar. hand it over, be honest. all right. guys, back to you. we will be out here live partying. all right. [ applause ] >> partying all night. join you live after the oscars. back to you. >> best supporting role right there. all right. we're on television tonight watching the oscar and the winners. follow us on twitter tonight for the oscars. all right. we're looking good. our weather is looking good. 52 in town today. most spots into the 40s. not bad a blend of sunshine and clouds. we'll do it again tomorrow. right now temperatures, 35 in man thatter. our temperatures coming down from our daytime highs.
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clouds from the western horizon not a big deal. your hour by hour forecast does reflect mainly clear skies. 37 degrees for the rest of the evening. a bit of a breeze out there, the 37 might feel cooler and chilly for the overnight. lots of sunshine. 27 degrees. to that's our 2 degree guarantee. we show you, look at denver and albuquerque not much right now, but this is a big old storm for us by tuesday. the seven-day forecast is coming up. all right. , there for 79 years, done in 7 seconds. you have seen this natural gas tank. well, it 258 tall silo crumbled this morning. this is the final gas holding bin for bge. it was retired in 1997. upgrades to our natural gas system put this system out of work. they have 26 acres out there. police are searching for a
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missing 13-year-old baltimore girl. kaitlyn was wearing a blue and black hoody when she went missing. she was last seen in the 59th hundred block in northeast baltimore. he was last spotted around 5:30 on friday afternoon. anyone with information is asked to call the missing person's unit right now. let's find kate lanlerler. there is still no comment from todd huff following a dui charge. police pulled him over in townsend at the tie store his family owns. we have more tonight on statements that may surprise you in the charging documents. >> reporter: a mugshot. it is not the dignified county photo that todd huff took following his election to office. he represented the third district for over two years. now it is unknown if he will keep the job. a spokes for baltimore county
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police are saying huff was driving a county owned vehicle when an officer pulled him over before 3:00 on saturday morning. >> she detected a strong order of alcohol from his breath. conducted some field sobriety tests which he was unsuccessful in and he was placed under arrest. >> reporter: charging documents are saying a breathalyzererageterred .20. more than double. the officer noticed him driving without headlights. he turned on his lights and sirens and huff pulled into the family business. he was cooperative. >> when she approached the vehicle. he made the statement are you aware of who am i. >> reporter: a supervisor was called to the scene. huff attempted to call jim johnson, his comment, you need to take me home and be done with this. didn't pan out. huff was arrested at his own
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business. >> councilman huff with charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. driving without headlights on. nothing luject driving. an employee driving drunk in a county owned vehicle could be fired, but huff may be treated differently. it is considered a fundamental right for all of us. 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote. we are going to show you how they were celebrating a movement this weekend. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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it has been 100 years since women marched from new york to washington to support the women's suffrage, one of their stops before reaching baltimore was the overly community. we were there yesterday for the celebration. >> mail our feet be blessed and our souls sing for joy as we
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join or sisters and let us never stop march, march, marching. >> reporter: 24-year-old katie is one of the many women marching to commemorate the centennial anniversary. >> this is really exciting. i'm marching in honor and grat today for women who fought for a right i have never binge without. it is beautiful that the community came together to do this today because it means a lot. >> reporter: it is a community effort. men and women, fathers and daughters took part. >> it is so nice to see such a variety of people here that care about what happened 100 years ago. >> reporter: there are new differences from today and 100 years ago. warmer clothes, comfortable shoes. these men and women are walking three blocks. the fact it is raining creates some hardship. >> i woke up this morning this is perfect. we're not marching to washington, d.c. right now. it is nice that we have a little bit of a challenge and a struggle.
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>> reporter: it is hard to imagine what it is not to vote. for young women like katie it is all of the mere reason to be thankful for what they have. >> because i have always had that privilege, it is just -- it doesn't means a much anymore. so, is nice to be reminded there were women that fought hard to make that happen. >> reporter: although this march remembers what took place 100 years ago. katie is keeping her eyes on the future. >> getting connected to our ancestors and what we have done. >> reporter: eric nielsen, abc 2 news. all right. a beautiful day out there, blends of sunshine and clouds. 49 degrees today. that is above-average. so, a really nice day out there. in town right now we have temperatures starting to fall back into the 30s. 39 at the airport. 52% humidity and a busy wind out of the westerly direction.
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29 miles per hour. that wind is in play. again that northwest wind coming in here will cool our temperatures down. we think we will fall back into the 20s tonight. 39 right now. you notice a few clouds towards the north and west over carol county north of the city limits. so, maybe a couple of clouds through the course of the evening. we clear things out and cool things down around the midnight hour. 32 degrees. and a brisk wake up and a lot of sunshine. 27 and 42 by the afternoon. a gem of a day on monday, that's going to change by the way, by tuesday. to the north of maryland's most powerful radar. spotty showers or a flurry or two. it is snowing towards boston right now. a coastal storm producing 3 to 6 inches to the north and east. we look out towards denver and albuquerque. this is going to pop towards
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the east. look at kansas city and parts of the four corners states. that is blizzard warning they are expecting a tremendous amount of now to produce blizzards snow and tornadoes over the gulf coast state. so, kansas city, oklahoma city, check with your carriers into the next 24 hours. backlot to home. high pressure will give us a nice day. my clouds late in the day. by tuesday morning maybe a wintery mix comes in. this is a big storm by tuesday afternoon. if will bring a wintery mix on the onset, and then blow up and bring heavy rain across the area and gusty winds. this is the in-house model showing a half-inch maybeanch inch of rain across town by tuesday evening. that tuesday evening commute that can be pretty interesting into tuesday night and early wednesday morning. so, nothing doing back closer to home tonight. 26 degrees. we will be clear and chilly
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with the slight breeze. but another gem of a day. 47 degrees. sunny skiesathize high clouds will build in and by monday night 30, but the clouds in place. here is the seven-day forecast shows us again rain showers by tuesday. and a steady and heavy rain. 1 to 2 inches on tuesday. that's a system we will watch. 45 to 55 on wednesday. this week we were just talking about what is going to happen this week. a lot of clouds, maybe a couple of spotty showers, stuck in the 40s brisk week ahead. not a big deal, just a big storm for tuesday. >> 57 is something to look forward to. >> sure. absolutely. >> all right. michael. we are 15 minutes away from the red carpet. we'll be right back. before copd...
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yeah. maybe a fan favorite, but twilight breaking dawn is not making oscars. they earned 7 razzie awards
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including worst pictures. they celebrate the worst in cinema every years. all right. the red carpet arrivals are underway in hollywood. you can see full oscar coverage here on abc 2 news. coming up at the top of the hour on 7:00. if you cannot watch the 12 minutes go to and see the live stream of the red carpet. >> i can't wait. >> who do you think is going to win big? >> big? >> i don't know. >> "argo." all right. let's take it home and take a look at the forecast if you're going home or somewhere. 37 degrees through the course of the evening. a chilly wake-up, nice day tomorrow. clouds and sunshine into the 40s. to the west look at this weather. we have to talk about a big storm by tuesday. we will share new information at 11:00. concerned with the onset of
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wintery precipitation. so, fine-tune that at 11:00. all right. we'll be right back.
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welcome to maryland spotlight. when you want the best seafood that the bail has to offer and of course, the best views of the inner harbor, where do you think of? rusty, of course. it is an iconic place here in baltimore. 30 years in business, i'm pleased to be joined by general manager ed. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you, kim, good to see you again. happy new year. >> happy new year. i'm glad that you brought along food. >> our signature dishes. absolutely. >> 30 years, what do you do it? >> sometimes i wonder that myself, but it has been a long- run. 30 wonderful years.
6:53 pm
it all started in 1982. we just celebrated our 30th anniversary. we opened in march of 1982. we're a pioneer in the inner harbor when we first opened, the inner harbor was great, but not as nice as now. >> i know. you got the best spot in town. >> we're the only rock aft the original location. >> low do you do? >> just working hard. 20 years now. my first day there i had brunch with joe demarge you and the governor. >> tell me about your tef. >> a local cef. baltimore, maryland, he went to the cia. born and raised. he likes to create a lot of signature dishes using products from the bay. he has a lot of fun. he plays with a lot of food. he has three good sous-chefs
6:54 pm
they are local. >> you brought us a snack today. >> absolutely never come empty- handed. >> all right. >> today we have fresh rock fish from the bay. this is our most popular dish, but we have others. so, chef mark takes a nice fillet of rock fish. it is nice and fresh. it is blackened and pan seared and topped with jumbo lump grab meat. that is a popular dish. >> okay. next we have, of course -- >> our alaska king crab legs. >> oh, the crab cakes our number 1 seller. the crab cakes they are fresh, they are hot, they are always cooking and again, our most popular item since we opened we did a calculation one time, we have cooked over 2.5 million crab cakes. >> is that right? >> since opening day. >> that's one of my favorites, but my all-time favorite,
6:55 pm
because i have such expensive taste. the alaska king crab. >> they are good. again, we sell a lot of them, our particular dish. it is about seafood and everything fresh. we're proud of everything that we serve. the crab legs they show nice on the plate. >> yes. they do. they will not be showing in two minutes. >> time to dig in, kim. >> and your sunday brunch. >> there is a great time. you have joined us for brunch. brunch is fun. it is a fun shift. a lot of repeat guests for brunch. i get to recognize everyone. a lot of energy with brunch. >> the trio? >> the trio is great. they play from 10:45 to 2:30 every week. it is -- you know, very, very energetic. you come into the restaurant and up the stairs. you hear the jazz. you have this great view. we have a buffet. it is unlimited. so, champagne are unlimited.
6:56 pm
>> so, you lose money there. >> a little bit. a little bit. >> sorry to say. >> and the buffet is a lot of fun, too. oysters, be and eat ship. we have stations to make you an omelet. we have carving stations we have fresh waffles. it is fun. desserts i cannot name the number. >> number. >> there sounds delicious. >> and all low calories. >> so the hours of the bill clinton and -- breakfast and brunch. >> it is 10:30. sunday brunch it is 10:45. we keep the food out until 2:30. >> all right, ed, thank you for joining me. i can't wait to eat. >> thank you,. >> i encourage everyone to head out, especially for the sunday brunch. great views from baltimore. >> thanks. >> thank you for joining us and
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being here on maryland's spotlight. captions provided by: caption colorado, llc. 1-800-775-7838. .
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